Shropdoc DO NOT offer a Pharmacy Service or Repeat Prescriptions

Unfortunately Shropdoc receives a high number of calls relating to Repeat Prescriptions which is a service we DO NOT offer. The fastest ways for you to get your prescription are detailed below. If you call our patient line requesting a repeat prescription you will be directed to the following:

Get your medication out of hours

Certain pharmacies provide emergency medication out of hours. There are some types of medication which cannot be obtained through this scheme, such as controlled drugs. Please be sure to call ahead to check the pharmacy has the item required. Remember to take ID and ensure you have proof that you are entitled to receive the medication.

Anytime (Pharmacy First Common Ailments Scheme):

Your local pharmacy can offer health care advice and treatment for you and your family for many minor health conditions, at a time that suits you. Under the 'Pharmacy First' service the pharmacist can provide advice and treatment for many common ailments about which you might normally consult your GP.

Common ailments are: Bites and stings, Chickenpox, Colds/Flu-like symptoms/Nasal congestion, Cold sores, Conjunctivitis (Acute bacterial), Constipation (Acute), Cough, Cystitis, Dermatitis/Dry skin/Allergic type skin rash, Diarrhoea (Acute), Earache, Fever management, Fungal skin infections, Hayfever (Seasonal allergic rhinitis), Haemorrhoids, Headache/Migraine, Heartburn/Indigestion, Infant colic, Mouth ulcers, Nappy rash, Oral thrush, Scabies, Sore throat, Sprains and strains, Teething, Threadworms, Vaginal thrush, Warts and Verrucas.

General Information about Pharmacy Services