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Since 2004 Shropdoc has actively pursued a policy of developing a 24/7 function by utilising both its people and facilities to provide health related support services such as:

OOH’s is Shropdoc’s core provision accounting for 60% of the Call Centre Workload, operating 1800-0830 weekdays, 24 hours weekends and Bank Holidays.  This means that Shropdoc is responsible for GP patients for 72% of the year.

Patients located in Powys telephoning their GP during this period will either be diverted to Shropdoc or receive an answer message detailing the telephone number for OOH care.  On calling this number the patient will speak directly to one of our Call Handlers who will take down appropriate demographic details and identify urgent and life threatening conditions for immediate triage.  All other callers will be advised to expect a return call, within a specified time period, by a trained triage clinician (GP’s and Urgent Care Practitioners (UCP)).

Patients located in England will call 111 to speak to a health care advisor. From the assessment they will receive advice or will be forwarded to speak to, or be seen by, a clinician for further assessment.

Following triage patient calls will be categorised as either –

Advice only, no action required
Urgent response, within 1 hour*
Semi-urgent response, within 2 hours*
Routine response, within 6 hours*

(*response times are calculated from the beginning of the patient’s initial telephone call)

With 8 Bases around Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Powys this allows us to get a clinician to a patient within 1 hour, if the priority dictates.

Patients requiring a face to face consultation during the OOH period will see either a doctor or an appropriate health professional within the above time frame. This consultation will take place at one of our Bases within the locality or, if medically appropriate, at the patient’s home.

Bases are available to see patients for appointments (booked by triage clinicians) and are fully stocked with all medicines and equipment required by our Clinicians.

Clinicians in our Bases are supported by a team of Receptionists and Primary Care Centre Assistants/Drivers.  

The CCC started in October 2006 covering all GP surgeries in Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Telford & Wrekin CCG and Powys Local Health Board (LHB).

The aim of CCC is to help GP’s to find the most appropriate care for their patients avoiding unnecessary admissions to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

  • 35-40% of all cases are ‘diversions’
  • Award winning for ‘Excellence in Service’ (NHS Alliance 2008)
  • Team of Co-ordinators and Urgent Care Practitioners (UCP) in the daytime (0800-2000), only Call Handlers/Administrators overnight and on weekends
  • CCC Co-ordinator takes the initial call and demographics, UCP has clinical discussion, Co-ordinator books transport and enters on hospital system.
  • CCC Co-ordinator takes the initial call and demographics, UCP has clinical discussion, Co-ordinator books transport and enters on hospital system.
  • CCC also carries out a bed bureau function on behalf of Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals (SATH) for all GP admissions.

For all the following services Shropdoc provides a contact point so that staff can report their time of arrival and departure at patient’s homes.  This ensures that if someone does not report in when expected action can be taken if they cannot be contacted.

  • Immediate Care
  • Severn Hospice
  • North Powys Community Nurse

This is a 24/7 Urgent Care Practitioner (UCP) led telephone advice line established for Acute Oncology patients receiving treatment at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, this service has recently been expanded to cover Lancashire.

A national triage algorithm is used to determine how best to advise patients.  Starting originally as a pilot the scheme has had excellent feedback from patients and the hospital.

The Acute Visiting Service (AVS) is implemented for a network of 76 GP Practices across North Staffordshire, covering a patient population of approximately 500,000.

The Acute Visiting Service (AVS) provides a rapid response service for patients requiring a home visit as determined by the patient’s own GP practice. This service aims to address the immediate health needs of those patients who, if not seen promptly would ultimately be admitted to A & E.

We aim to:

  • Reduce Emergency Admissions
  • Improve Patient Access
  • Release Capacity in GP Surgeries to enable Doctors to concentrate on planned care
  • Achieve better patient satisfaction with home visit assessment, further reducing risk of subsequent admission

Urgent Care Practitioners (UCPs) from Shropdoc deliver a telephone triage service to some Powys practices, with a combined list size of about 26,000 patients.

The UCP is the  first point of contact to those seeking on the day, urgent medical care; patients will speak to a UCP clinician from their home (or on their mobile device if they are out and about or at work).

This method of triage has proved successful in improving patient flow through the system and has been popular with patients, especially beneficial when their queries can be dealt with promptly on the telephone, rather than necessarily always having to attend the practice.

In future we are intending to expand this to offer a UCP clinician in respective practices to perform triage “in house” too.   We are currently engaging with a number of practices with the potential to expand this workstream further.

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