Personal Information & Data Protection

Personal Information

This section explains how we hold and share your information.

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals caring for you keep records about your health and any treatment or care you receive. These help ensure that you receive the best possible care from us.

We have legal obligations, such as compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998), to keep this information safe and secure. Shropdoc staff and clinicians are bound by a code of confidentiality. We will not pass on information about you without your permission, except to people involved in your treatment, and other health professionals who need to know the information.

The leaflet
How We Use Information About You explains how we use and share this information.

Click below to play an audio version of the leaflet.

Maintaining the legal right to patient confidentiality continues to be an important commitment on our part. To help with this we have appointed someone who is called a Caldicott Guardian, and who has responsibility to ensure the protection of patient confidentiality throughout Shropdoc in accordance with your legal rights.

The Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act covers personal information including health records.

A health record is any record or information relating to someone’s physical or mental health that has been made by (or on behalf of) a health professional. Health records are extremely personal and sensitive. They can be held electronically or as paper files.

Under the Data Protection Act you have a right to see or obtain a copy of the information that is held about you. This is known as your
“right of subject access”. To access your health records you must apply in writing to the Medical Director. We will need to verify your identity and you should also note that a charge may be made. For further guidance and an application form that you may wish to use, see our
Access to Health Records Information

Subject Access Code of Practice

Click the link below for more information about our role, responsibilities and obligations when we receive a subject access request


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“Shropdoc service is in good health

I would like to make a comment on the Shropdoc Service which I have been very impressed with over the past two weeks. The service and attention given by Drs McMurray and Lovell during their visits to my home has been fantastic. Being a senior citizen aged 91, I was very concerned with my state of health. The reassurance and medication given by these two doctors certainly improved my condition. Furthermore, the time taken to visit me was very quick and responsive. I feel some of the bad publicity on the NHS Shropdoc service is not warranted and not a true reflection of the excellent service I received during the past two weekends. Many thanks to all concerned….much appreciated.

Monica Ellis, Brookfields, Weston Rhyn”