Shuffling into spring

The Shropdoc Shufflers were back out and about last month - taking on the Offa’s Dyke Path National Trail!


Members of the Shropdoc team, and their families, took on the first walk of 2024 in Llanymynech. The ‘Foot in both Camps’ walk took the Shufflers along the Montgomery Canal on March 24th.



Nature and local history


Simon Chapple said: “We headed through fields, over hills and past relics of the area’s quarrying and railway history. 


“It offered the group an opportunity to experience nature in both the Llynclys Common and the Llanymynech Rocks Nature Reserves, whilst also discovering local industrial heritage courtesy of the Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Area and the Cambrian Heritage Railway.


“The weather was kind to us and it was a very enjoyable day for all.”


The circular walk was around six miles and the group even popped into the Dolphin Pub for some well-earned refreshment after the outing.



Walking for health


A brisk 10-minute walk each day may not sound like you are achieving much but it can make a real difference and counts towards the recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise. 


If you are new to exercise we recommend that you start gradually and build up the distance you walk over a period of time. Make your daily walk a habit and try to build it into your regular routine. 

Try walking instead of using the car over short distances, maybe to the shop or on the school run if it’s practical to do so. Take the stairs instead of using a lift and think about getting a walking buddy or joining a walking club.

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