Working for Shropdoc: Wendy Owen

Wendy Owen is Clinical Team Leader and Clinical Lead Nurse for Care Coordination and Oncology Services here at Shropdoc.

With a background of many years in critical care at the local hospital, Wendy joined Shropdoc nearly 12 years ago - and describes the move as a ‘whole new world’.

“When I joined Shropdoc, the most immediate and obvious change was the way in which I was treated here. I experienced respect and kindness, and my clinical experience was acknowledged and applauded,” says Wendy.

“Despite bringing with me transferrable clinical skills, working for Shropdoc also demands a very steep learning curve. The range of clinical knowledge required to be a safe, effective clinician in Care Coordination, Oncology and Out of hours Triage is staggering!”

Wendy’s current role is to be the Lead Nurse and clinical resource for the services delivered by her team and to care for staff welfare and administrative needs. 

Wendy is also part of the running team behind the hugely successful Oncology Helpline, which supports thousands of patients and their families.

“The staff in my team are amazing and make me proud to be in this role,” she adds.

“We have run the Oncology Helpline at Shropdoc since 2014 and are very proud to have helped thousands of patients through their problems associated with Chemotherapy treatments. 

“Shropdoc is now known nationally as an excellent helpline provider, and this service has blossomed and grown over the years. We now serve both local and distant areas of the country equally well.”

We asked Wendy what her typical day at Shropdoc involves - but the question was harder to answer than you might think….

“A typical day in my life at Shropdoc does not exist,” she said. “Each day is different and exciting. 

“One day, I may step in to take calls and work clinically, the next day, I could be meeting with our commissioners (with the support of operational managers), and the next being clinically responsible for patients calling our out-of-hours service for medical help.”

And summing up working for Shropdoc in one line?

“I feel proud and privileged to be a member of Team Shropdoc, and what keeps me here is their ethos of ‘The patient comes first’.”

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