Working for Shropdoc: Meet Dr Sonica Wahi


Dr Sonica Wahi is a GP here at Shropdoc, as well as a wife and mum to a toddler!

Qualifying as a GP in 2019, Dr Wahi started working for Shropdoc in 2021 alongside a salaried role and the working-from-home options and “supportive team” are among the highlights of her role.

“Shropdoc came to my rescue when I was struggling to find locum work, especially with being hit by the Covid pandemic and being pregnant,” she says.

“I was advised to shield at home from my salaried job, so couldn’t do any other work other than working from home, and doing remote triage for Shropdoc was both a lifesaver and financial saver.”

Dr Wahi completes out-of-hours remote triage, which includes triaging patients in both England and Wales.

“To work at Shropdoc has been an entirely different experience, and there was so much to learn as treating patients over the phone involved acute emergencies, palliative patients, unwell children, which can be especially challenging when you do not have full medical information,” adds Dr Wahi.

“It was challenging to begin with, but everyone at work was always around to help - especially the IT team.

“All the staff at work have been so supportive, and even though I work from home, I always feel that I am part of the team and have always received love, kindness and support from everyone at the other end.

“Apart from clinical work, I have been included by my lovely team with charity events, and to be honest, they are one of the best supportive teams that one could wish for.”

And summing up working for Shropdoc in one line?

“Summing up Shropdoc in a single line is difficult as it has offered me so much in the
last two years - but it is definitely a place where we can provide excellent care for all of our patients while, at the same time, making the most of working from home.”

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