Working For Shropdoc: Kathy Wood

Kathy Wood is a Shropdoc Clinical Team Leader.

A nurse for nearly 20 years, Kathy says she would never change it. Her love for nursing comes from the satisfaction she gets when she makes a difference in someone’s life - when they need it the most.

She says: “I am passionate about being part of the process of identifying a deteriorating patient, diagnosing, treating, implementing and supporting the best outcome. 

“Patients are more than just patients here at Shropdoc, they are people. As a nurse, it is a privilege to be able to support people at some of their most vulnerable times and make a difference. 

Kathy says challenges are a part of life but that the people who work around her provide support, and guidance and have the same passions!

“There have absolutely been challenges along the way over recent years, but I have had, and continue to have, the pleasure of working alongside many amazing nurses.

“My colleagues go above and beyond without question, have taught and supported me so much throughout my career, and that cannot be taught, that comes from their passion and drive to get the best for their patients by passing on their skills and knowledge to others so we can learn and give the best care to future patients too!

"As a nurse you never stop learning and I love it!”

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