The Steve Hugh Award 2023

Shropdoc’s Call Centre Team Leaders have been named as the 2023 winners of the Steve Hugh Award.

The award is presented in memory of Dr Steve Hugh, who was Medical Director of Shropdoc in the early days of our founding, between 1997 and his untimely death in 2005.

Enthusiasm, drive and creativity

Given each year in his memory, the award goes to a team or individual who has shown the same enthusiasm, drive and creativity that characterised Steve’s contribution to the healthy growth of Shropdoc during his time with us.

A close friend and colleague of Steve described him as passionate about quality, always striving to move the organisation to greater things, as well as being a compassionate and ever-friendly doctor with time for patients and friends alike.

At the presentation of the award, Medical Director Dr Simon Chapple said: “This year, Shropdoc Board members were delighted to receive several nominations for this important award, which demonstrates the esteem in which our staff hold each other and the exceptional personal qualities inherent in the workforce; but there can only be one winner.

Challenging years

“This year, we present the Steve Hugh Award to a team to recognise all their hard work, continuous effort, and dedication to Shropdoc through some challenging years.

“This team is ever-present but often unnoticed, and, in so many ways, they have held us together through some incredibly tough times like the Adastra outage last year and the pandemic, when we had to change the very ways we worked.

“One of the judging panel described them as the Cinderellas of the service while the nomination described how this team touch so many parts of the service, helping keep things moving for the benefit of not only patients, but also colleagues alike.

Clinical excellence

“Patients have a high regard for our clinical excellence but may not always appreciate the leading role that this team plays in Shropdoc’s quality and clinical effectiveness.

“For all these reasons, but also because, like Steve, this team are particularly adept at dealing with the challenges of managing diverse groups and personalities, we were delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Steve Hugh award as the call centre Team Leaders.”

The Shropdoc Call Centre Team Leaders were announced as the winner of the award this month and were presented with the trophy and a £500 award to support a charity of their choice.

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