Shropdoc staff making a difference with Cycle to Work scheme

Protecting the environment and maintaining good health are extremely important and we could all do more to help improve both - which is why we would like to tell you about a scheme Shropdoc is involved in aimed at doing just that!

The Cycle to Work scheme is a Government programme designed to reduce environmental pollution and promote healthier journeys to work. This is something we fully support and, even more than that, it’s something two of our team are actively involved in.

Growing all the time

Dr Simon Chapple, our Medical Director who lives in Shrewsbury, and Ian Hoy, our Estates and Health and Safety Manager, from Telford, are ditching the car and hitting the road on a daily basis, cycling to work as part of an ever-expanding band of like-minded people across the country who are determined to make a difference - helping to take more vehicles off the road while boosting levels of fitness.

Cycle to Work is also good news for employers with savings on bikes and accessories with no up-front payments as they are taken tax-efficiently from a salary by the employer. The scheme has proved to be hugely successful with cyclists from more than one million businesses having already signed up to it.

The advantages

Good health and wellbeing should be top priorities for all of us and we always need to be open to anything which will help us stay fit and healthy. Cycling regularly is a cheap exercise option which will help you stay in shape physically while also being of benefit to good mental health.

Another significant factor to cycling is the benefit to the environment. More and more individuals, businesses and other organisations are recognising the obligations we have to the world around us and deciding to take action. Climate change and sustainability are issues which affect us all and taking to the bike is one small thing most of us can do to help our environment.

Dr Chapple said: “Anything that can promote healthier journeys to work has got to be a good thing. Cycling is an excellent way of achieving this - it is a cheap alternative to using the car, particularly in today’s world of rising fuel prices.

“The other consideration is the environment and we should all be mindful of our obligations to protect and safeguard it for the benefit of future generations. Cycling is a cleaner, greener option and one which should be used more.”

Mr Hoy said: “Cycling to work is a complete no-brainer for me, it’s helping me to stay active and I feel much better for doing it. I believe more people should be considering cycling as there are so many journeys which could be undertaken without using a car.

“Cycling is a simple way of getting more exercise and the knock-on effects of that are invaluable. It’s also important to tackle environmental pollution and cycling is something we can all do to help meet that challenge.”


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