Safeguarding Adults Week - a great time to focus on key issues


The end of November is an excellent time for raising awareness about the importance of safeguarding - not only in the workplace but within society in general.


Safeguarding Adults Week runs from November 20-24 and while safeguarding should be constantly under review all-year round, we at Shropdoc believe that it does present the opportunity to take stock and focus on how we can continue to protect vulnerable adults and their right to live safely, free from abuse, neglect, or harm.


Help at hand


The week aims to highlight key safeguarding issues, start conversations and raise awareness of safeguarding best practice with support available through experts in the field, including the Ann Craft Trust - a leading authority on safeguarding adults and young people at risk.


Each day the trust will be focusing on a different safeguarding theme which relates to how individuals and organisations can safeguard themselves and others, including:


- An individual’s role in safeguarding adults

- How to take the lead

- Who cares for the carers

- Adopting a trauma-informed approach to safeguarding

- Co-production with experts by experience


Recognise the signs


Physical wellbeing and mental health are strong factors when it comes to safeguarding, which is why it is so important to recognise the danger signs and take appropriate action to prevent a worsening situation.


It isn’t always clear if someone is suffering in this way but by remaining alert and recognising the risks, it is possible to play a positive role in helping people through enhanced knowledge and understanding.


Looking out for others while maintaining our own good mental health and wellbeing is something we strongly advocate at Shropdoc - which is why we will be playing an active role during Safeguarding Adults Week. Why not join us?

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