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Shropdoc recently launched a new Patient Experience Survey for patients who use the service to feedback on their experience with us.


Posters advertising the survey QR Code and link are displayed within all Shropdoc bases across Shropshire and Powys. They provide information on how to give feedback on their experience, with an option to call the quality team directly if they wish to discuss their feedback further. Additionally, a randomly selected sample of patients who have received a consultation from Shropdoc will receive a text message with the survey link


All responses are anonymous, and we ensure that any feedback is relayed back to the clinician group or base it relates to. It’s a valuable source of information to assist with learning from our patients’ experiences, if they feel there are any improvements we can make or equally say a well done.


Positive feedback


In the two weeks since its launch, 16 responses were received, with 100% rating the overall experience as ‘very good’ or ‘good’.


It is hoped this survey will not only help us recognise the hard work and dedication of our staff, but also where we can improve on within our service. Feedback from our patients is invaluable to us when looking at quality improvement.


Of the responses received, 87.5% rated the health professionals' understanding of their concerns as ‘excellent’ with 12.5% rated this as “very good”.


More than 80% rated the extent to which they felt reassured by the health professional as ‘Excellent’ and 18.75% rated it as “very good”.


What did we do well?


One of the survey questions is a free text box asking, “What did we do well?” and we received a number of positive responses.


“Everything, fast, friendly, helpful.”

“Got me pain relief very fast and spoken to me so I could understand and reassured me with my concerns”.

“ Called 111, within 25 minutes we had a call back and an appointment for our 1-year-old daughter. Fantastic service.”

“Everything was absolutely spot on”.

“Addressed the matter comprehensively and professionally in a timely manner.”

“I’ve always had really good service every time I’ve used the Shropdoc, I wish they were my doctors. Thank you so much.”

“Care was amazing”.

“Really gentle doctor. Listened well, was respectful, and attentive. Felt assured.”

“I was listened to, and my medication was sorted fast too!”

“You listened to me and helped solve my problem.”

“ I was scared, and I was listened to and felt understood. She calmed me down.”


The survey responses are anonymous and all details are held confidentially. To take part in the survey please click this link or if you cannot complete it online, call 01743 454900 and select Option Two.

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