May Day Bank Holiday Information

This weekend is the May Day Bank Holiday weekend and as you get ready for the long weekend, the last thing on your mind might be checking you have enough of your usual medication. If you're likely to run out, be sure to order your repeat prescriptions before your surgery closes for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Your pharmacist can provide advice on self-care and you can also purchase basic medication for babies and children as well as medicine for pain relief and coughs & colds.

If you do need urgent care over the Bank Holiday don't worry, we'll be there for you. You can help us by planning ahead to stay well. Have a wonderful weekend.
Some advice for patients over the Bank Holiday:
•         Conditions which can't wait for 1½ hours, i.e. choking, chest pain, blacking out, blood loss etc are likely to be an emergency so please call 999 immediately
•         If you think you have a broken bone and may need an X-ray, or if you have a burn, please go to A & E
•         If your child has a temperature check the Child Temperature: 
•         Consider checking online for advice. A good place to start is the Shropdoc website
•         Consider your local Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) for expert help with minor injuries
•         If you have a minor illness consider your local pharmacy – see opening hours listed on Shropdoc website
•         For minor ailments, you may be able to seek local help from participating pharmacies in the Common Ailment Scheme. See Shropdoc website for details
•         If you run out of your regular prescribed medication please contact your local pharmacy for an emergency supply
•         If you need general health advice please call 111
•         If you feel that you need urgent medical attention that cannot wait until your own surgery is open please call Shropdoc on 0333 222 66 55

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