Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

Did you know?

Shropdoc provides a range of urgent primary care services across Powys inclusive of the GP out-of-hours service commissioned by Powys Teaching Health Board. 

It was our teams in Powys that led the 2023 St David’s Day celebrations, and the highlight of the day was the homemade bara brith on offer!

Who is Saint David?

Saint David was a Welsh bishop of Mynyw during the 6th century and is the patron saint of Wales - he is celebrated across the country on March 1st. 

St David became a renowned preacher, founding monastic settlements and churches in Wales, Brittany and southwest England – including, possibly, the abbey at Glastonbury.


How is St David’s Day celebrated?

The day sees parades, concerts and eisteddfodau - the Welsh festivals of music, language and culture. 

Children often go to school in the traditional Welsh dress, based on a form of bedgown made from wool, of a style dating from the 18th century. It is teamed with a printed neckerchief, a petticoat and apron and a black frilled hat!

And Daffodils and Leeks are the order of the day - the national symbols are often worn as badges on lapels on March 1st or can be seen in homes across the country.


The Welsh language

The Welsh language is one of the oldest languages in Europe, and it is important to us here at Shropdoc to have Welsh speakers within our team to ensure we are accessible to all of our patients.

We would like to say Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus to all!

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