Developing staff for the future

Our Shropdoc team is highly valued - not only by the patients we work with but by colleagues and managers across the board.


As an organisation, we do not use agency staff as we invest fully in every member of our team, and when you walk through the door here, we are ready to fully welcome you to the Shropdoc family.


Growing our own


Many staff join us at the beginning of their careers, and we look to nurture their growth from day one, whether that be as an apprentice or as newly qualified, medically-trained staff.


In 2022 we launched our new corporate induction day events, which take all new starters off-site and allow them to meet each other and key members of the Clinical and Executive management teams as well as hear from guest speakers to learn more about Shropdoc and their individual roles within the team.


Break-out periods allow new and current staff members to network and share their roles with each other so everyone understands our values and how we work together.


Retire with us


Our aim is to keep our staff, and develop them for the future - and when we hire our staff, we hope they will retire with us.


This is why all ages and all levels of experience are both welcome, and extremely important, at Shropdoc.


From our administrators to our urgent care practitioners, our GPs and our drivers - each and every member of our team has an important role to play - and that is why many people come to us after an NHS career or from other healthcare industries.


We value our staff from the day they start with us to the day of their retirement.


Work with us


There are many challenges facing healthcare today, but we believe by bringing the right people together and achieving a supportive, inclusive and highly motivated workforce with an overriding commitment to first-class patient care, we can create positive change.


We aim to bring together experienced, skilled and like-minded people committed to patient care along with inspirational leaders, and we create a place where everyone is able to do their best and be themselves, creating an environment where creativity and innovation thrive – collaborating for first-class patient care.


Our Values


Shropdoc was built with a simple mission….to keep the patient at the heart of all that we do.


We ensure we are in line with our mission by working to the Shropdoc values:


Quality: Working together to ensure quality underpins everything we do through living the shared values.

Community: Working together to deliver a shared purpose.

Kindness: In the business of caring and committed to a culture of kindness.

Integrity: Promoting a culture of openness and honesty, encouraging everybody to take responsibility for actions and enabling shared lessons to be learnt.

Development: Committed to unlocking potential.


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