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Q & A regarding Claypit Street Medical Practice

Following on from the announcement that Shropdoc will be providing the new GP service in Whitchurch ‘Claypit Street Medical Practice’, please find below a list of the questions some of you have been asking along with the answers provided by Shropdoc. Shropdoc have taken on this contract very recently and have been working extremely hard to put everything in place to deliver a good quality service from 1st November 2016.

If you have any additional questions relating to the service, please contact who will endeavour to find the answers for you.

What is the telephone number for the new practice?
01948 662870

What is the full address for the new practice?
Claypit Street Medical Practice
Claypit Street
SY13 1NT

How do I book appointments for November?
Continue to book forward appointments as usual, the information will be transferred across to the new practice using the same computer system.

I use an online booking service, will I still be able to do this?
Yes, Shropdoc will be using the same computer systems as the Richmond House surgery. This may not be in operation from 1st November, the priority is to establish essential services.

I get my prescription through a pharmacist service, can I still do this?

Do I need to do anything to register at the new practice?
No – Patients will be transferred by Shropshire CCG into the new practice. You will receive a letter confirming this is happening.

Will any of the staff from Richmond House be working there?
Shropdoc is working with staff at Richmond House Surgery to establish which members of staff would like to transfer to the new surgery

Will we keep any of our familiar GPs?
Existing GPs will be supporting the handover period and Shropdoc are working with them on longer term plans

Shropdoc is an out of hours service, will we have a string of locum GPs?
No – Shropdoc will be employing GPs on long term contracts and as previously mentioned are working hard to retain the existing GPs where possible. However to establish the service quickly and start on 1st November, Shropdoc may need the support of some temporary staff in the short term.

Will I have access to a female GP?
Yes. This provision cannot be guaranteed during all opening hours but for none urgent appointments you will be able to access a female GP.

Will there be a practice nurse service?

Will there be an asthma / diabetes clinic?
The new Practice will deliver a good quality service and this will include the provision of specialist clinics however this may take a little longer to put in place. Shropdoc will work hard to get a full service in place as soon as possible

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“Shropdoc service is in good health

I would like to make a comment on the Shropdoc Service which I have been very impressed with over the past two weeks. The service and attention given by Drs McMurray and Lovell during their visits to my home has been fantastic. Being a senior citizen aged 91, I was very concerned with my state of health. The reassurance and medication given by these two doctors certainly improved my condition. Furthermore, the time taken to visit me was very quick and responsive. I feel some of the bad publicity on the NHS Shropdoc service is not warranted and not a true reflection of the excellent service I received during the past two weekends. Many thanks to all concerned….much appreciated.

Monica Ellis, Brookfields, Weston Rhyn”